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Something about the Head behind the Company: Felix Schaller. Born in Stuttgart 1977 his passion for technology and design dominated his life since his early days. Raised in a middle class family where is father was a company leader of a medium-sized enterprise developing automotive software. This environment equipped him with the compound background in physics and information technology.  


Early practice makes perfect

Felix Schaller started programming in the age of 14 he was passionated with computer graphics programming and game development. very soon he got skills and programming his first adventure games and flight simulators with landscape generator and ray-tracer. The book "Natur als fraktale Grafik" by Reinhard Scholl & Olaf Pfeiffer was his bible for long times and introduced him to computer graphics and fractals. Yet these things still play a very dominant role in his knowledge background

turning into a professional career

After some years of Studies in Mechanical engineering, Felix Schaller got the rare chance to work for a Computer animation Studio which was well renowned at that time for his ambitious artistic attitudes. Learning from the pro's, his career in creating high-end computer generated visual content quickly gained momentum. Soon he worked for international renowned Studios on many places on Earth. Such as Australia or Dubai. He contributed his work to many award winning Projects in the last years.

looking to the horizon

Driven by passion developing sophisticated high-end solutions not only in the field of Computer Algorithms. He started to migrate his knowledge in engineering virtual content into technical applications. A developed but never published invention during his mechanical engineering studies reminded him about his skills in developing sophisticated solutions. Soon a new idea of adaptable wing profiles become shape. Applied for a patent in 2011 he now tries to market his Idea to the industry.

First dawning of new uncharted territories...

Soon after publishing the first time the idea impacted in an unexpected highly positive Degree. Very soon the first Awards went in. Such as Querdenker Award and Nominee for Greentec Awards. Other Awards await their Nomination. Subsequently many Fairs and Universities offered him to present his idea in their forum