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Wie currently are working on some promising Computer vision Algorithms in the field of SLAM, Deep Sparse Odometry, Deep Parralel Tracking and Mapping (DTAM) and Eulerian Video Magnification...

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We had the honor being invited at the 8th Rheiner Windenergie Forum  and to be featured as the introducing speaker opening the congress. it was so far a very refreshing conference with a lot of good response to our work with the aeroflexible surface. We also enjoyed the presentation of the other speakers which gave us a lot of new and interesting insights. The Conference was organized by Kötter Consulting

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The company Aniprop in Göttingen who is well renouned for his pioneering work developing FESTO Smartbird got noticed about our work and finally offerd us to make tests in their wind tunnel. We therefore created a new profile exclusively for these tests. The profile was made from wood and other light materials carring the aeroflexible surface.

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We're happy to announce that we have made it through the Climate-Kic Acceleration Program. Alongside with more than 20 Applicants we have made it to the last 3 Start-Ups being eligble for the program. This means, that we have now lots of new opportunities and financial support brining our Project further...