Published Measurements2

After some delay we now proudly present our first wind tunnel measurements. Where we were measuring two wing segments in comparison in our small wind tunnel. Finally the numbers are evaluated with already impressive results, where everybody can see the obvious arguments quantified, speaking for the aeroflexible feature.
For now we compared a wing section of a small model plane (dimensions see table) with a wing section of the same size - but with adaptive Features. The green line shows the behavior of the classic wing, while the blue and red lines describe the adaptive Wing.

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MA preview thumb

Now in their June 2013 issue the professional journal Modell-Aviator was publishing an article which we submitted to them and comprised about 6 pages long. In that article we were talking about the ideas behind the aeroflexible feature and our performed Studies. This Article is currently the best Literature to get a brief and comprehensive overview about the Concept and the idea behind.

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