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We had the honor being invited at the 8th Rheiner Windenergie Forum  and to be featured as the introducing speaker opening the congress. it was so far a very refreshing conference with a lot of good response to our work with the aeroflexible surface. We also enjoyed the presentation of the other speakers which gave us a lot of new and interesting insights. The Conference was organized by Kötter Consulting

The conference was held under the main issue "noise and infra sound from wind turbines". Our presentation was in it's content a bit out of the frame where we had rather our topic of dynamic streamline bodies: "Aeroflexible Aerodynamics". Though there are also effects in our technology which might affect in particular trailing edge vortices and the feedbacks on the rotorblade, so we dedicated a chapter about theoretical noise reduction potentials with a passive surface regulation.

Download the full conference article here:

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