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User Experience Engineering is a discipline long neglegted in the software development area. But in the past two decades User Experience Design (UX) becomes more and more important in terms of designing user friendly software. It's all about communication and how communication and expression of problems works. Dealing with humans which know to communicate, we often forget how difficult it is to express problems between two entities when we are in front of something that has to learn to communicate first. In the past days we commanded machines. but nowadays we figure out that finding solutions is based on a thorough dialog based communication that empowers to express problems on the short path rather than explain everything in the tinies detail.

Our own goal is to push borders in modern User Experience with new approaches with machine learning, computer vision and dynamic programming.

Find out about our current Activities on GitHub:

More recent projects:

AR with Google Tango and Occipital Structure

We are currently working on a Project with Google Tango.
See some early Demo Videos while testing several Program Features.

Machine Learning with Neuronal Networks

We are teaching Comuters how to read handwritten Digits and filter Spam Emails. Developing ML Solutions mainly in Matlab/Octave we are experimenting with a numerous Type of Machine Learning approaches. Which are as follows:

Discover Virtual Reality

Recently we developed a VR Environment for a client who had special plans with designing a new experience for sports training gears.
therefore we tailored an extensive VR environment with Sunlight-Effects, UI-Navigation, Physics, and a stunning Virtual Environment.
Here we published some early Tests with the Engine.


This ongiong Project is an attempt to redesign the Human Interface of Applications in particular Desktop Software. The idea is rethinking the way how we communicate with computers today. Yet when communicating with the machine we still are bound to describe the task in any detail until the computer understands what we want. Helping assistants are yet very rigid as well as the whole rig of applications have no dynamic behavior adapting on the user conventions. It's even today rather the case that the user has to adapt on the handling of the software...