This ongiong Project is an attempt to redesign the Human Interface of Applications in particular Desktop Software. The idea is rethinking the way how we communicate with computers today. Yet when communicating with the machine we still are bound to describe the task in any detail until the computer understands what we want. Helping assistants are yet very rigid as well as the whole rig of applications have no dynamic behavior adapting on the user conventions. It's even today rather the case that the user has to adapt on the handling of the software...

Working with software is awkward, though the program does not use the Information we put in to understand us. Programs are not designed to adapt and learn from user inputs. We still have to learn how to handle a certain application. Before we know how to use a certain program we spent lots of time reading Documentation and Watching video Tutorials.

This redesign attempt of the Human Interface Device of Software we want to make old fashioned Workflow obsolete:

  • no more Documentation reading. The computer will learn to read and interpret your Inputs properly through a multi-feedback dialog
  • breaking out of rigid workflow frames. A software will be no longer a rigid framework, it will grow the more you use it.
  • make programmers unemployed. we don't need them any longer. The computer knows best how to program itself.
  • no more bugs. humans are not good in considering all possible eventualities. We will implement an automatic Brute force system where computers find their solutions and workarounds on current problems by themselves using experience-based algorithm invention.

the program solution is currently under development.

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