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Computer Animation Works

This category shows our digital works presenting the outstanding work of the past years. Here we show computer animation works made for feature films, commercials, or animated films. During our long term work experience on this field a lot of projects have piled up since. have a look through the comprehensive work collection.

ENO Energy fair movie for Hannover Messe 2015

ENO Energy has developed a new type of wind turbine specialized for wind parks with a dense packaging of turbines. Such a turbine allows it to put it closer to other wind turbines without energy harvest loss by cluster shutdowns who would be necessary when equipped with other competitors. The engines of ENO produce less trailing flow in their wind shadow. This affects fewer other engines laying downstream.

Room On The Broom

After the Oscar® success of "The Gruffalo" another childrens book adaptation of the children's book author Julia Donaldson and the illustrator Axel Sheffler was produced by Magic light Pictures in cooperation with Orange Eyes Limited. The Production was made by Studio Soi and had it's premiere on Dec 9th in London, where we contributed skulpting and texturing works on various characteres and props. The Animated Short was showing on Chrismas Eve 2012 on BBC One. Now in 2014 it was as well nominated for the 86th Academy Awards (aka. The Oscars®).

Amazing World of Gumball

Gumball Watterson a 12 year old guy living with his family in a town called Elmore. The animated TV series playing about the school day of Gumball and his adventures. You would maybe now think this sounds like "The Simpsons". Although the idea has some parallels it comes with much more wicked images, jokes and storytelling. Gumball is a cat, his father is a pink rabbit and his brother a pet fish. The rest of the town isn't less exceptionally. living bananas, toasts, paper man or dinosaurs. Watching this you would rather think it's an overexposed "Clever&Smart" adaptation than another Simpsons.

LG Optimus 4x HD

Crystal glittering butterflies they emerge from a cell phone display and performing a dance. A woman appears in the Middle wearing butterfly wings. Her wings emerge out of the Display and become Diamonds.

This Project was Produced in Cooperation with IGNYTE and Velvet Mediendesign, where was responsible for the Butterfly Animation and Butterfly FX. The project was created in Maya and finished in May 2012.

LG Optimus 3D Max

Bursting with vfx and amazing 3D work, this spot is all about high-end liquid effects. Elegant black furnish meets stylish silver coating – that's about the look of this ad campaign. the Spot is introducing the new generation smart phone from LG. Illustrated here in this particular spot is the vividness of LG’s amazing Optimus 3D max display featuring real 3D display capabilities. A woman emerging from the screen, engaging us through pulsing fluid dance movements is ephasizing these outstanding features

WIND - One Night

Join in the party in this playful spot for the major greek telecommunications company, Wind. As night falls and the shop lights go out, mobile phone app characters emerge from their slumber and come alive in a frenzy. Be entertained as they react with one another, each with their own stories unfolding. This project involved extensive 3D work as all characters were intricately designed and animated, and was successfully executed in a very short timeframe. The shoot took place at the Wind main store in Athens, which was redesigned and completely rebuilt in CGI. The success of this campaign led to further projects across different media, and we will certainly be seeing more of these characters for a long time to come.