Join in the party in this playful spot for the major greek telecommunications company, Wind. As night falls and the shop lights go out, mobile phone app characters emerge from their slumber and come alive in a frenzy. Be entertained as they react with one another, each with their own stories unfolding. This project involved extensive 3D work as all characters were intricately designed and animated, and was successfully executed in a very short timeframe. The shoot took place at the Wind main store in Athens, which was redesigned and completely rebuilt in CGI. The success of this campaign led to further projects across different media, and we will certainly be seeing more of these characters for a long time to come.

Works for the Commercial WIND - "one night" created by Velvet Mediendesign where Works focused on animation and charager modeling and rigging. has performed the animation of a bunch of the characters. Further we delivered character models, modeled and rigged . The 3D work was coordinated by IGNYTE. Other contributing Artist: Florian Kraft and Christian Bumba.


Client: IGNYTE, Velvet Mediendesign
Director: Matthias Zentner (velvet)
VFX-Supervisor: Leif Arne Petersen (ignyte)


This is the 30second Version of the Commercial: