ENO Energy has developed a new type of wind turbine specialized for wind parks with a dense packaging of turbines. Such a turbine allows it to put it closer to other wind turbines without energy harvest loss by cluster shutdowns who would be necessary when equipped with other competitors. The engines of ENO produce less trailing flow in their wind shadow. This affects fewer other engines laying downstream.

We were commisioned by ENO to produce a representative image movie based on a story script. So we developed a suitable look & feel and how the design of the movie should look like. We decided to use a reduced and rather scematic look for the environment represented by a rough polygon terrain. for the elevation real elevtion data was used from available GeoTIFF's. To give a better impression of the elevation we amplified the elevation by factor 2. After setting the environment we designed the camera-animation for the scenes as well the wind turbine animation. We then further set up the partivle animation for the trailing flow and finally converted the CAD geometry from the ENO engines to use in the animation. The 3D was done in Maya and the rendering with mental ray.
Due an enormous frame output in a very short period of time we put our trust into RebusFarm a data center offering comfortable batch render and render management solutions.

The rendering was then assembled to a final movie in After Effects by the help of Bastian Goetz.


Creative Director: Felix Schaller
3D/VFX: Felix Schaller
Compositing: Bastian Goetz (FORM a[r]t)