Bursting with vfx and amazing 3D work, this spot is all about high-end liquid effects. Elegant black furnish meets stylish silver coating – that's about the look of this ad campaign. the Spot is introducing the new generation smart phone from LG. Illustrated here in this particular spot is the vividness of LG’s amazing Optimus 3D max display featuring real 3D display capabilities. A woman emerging from the screen, engaging us through pulsing fluid dance movements is ephasizing these outstanding features

This Project was Produced in Cooperation with IGNYTE and Velvet Mediendesign, where felixschaller.com was responsible for the Character 3D - Rotoscoping and some Fluid Dynamics. The project was created in Maya and finished in Feb 2012.


Client: IGNYTE, Velvet Mediendesign
Director: Matthias Zentner (velvet)
Agency: HS Ad, Seoul
VFX-Supervisor: Leif Arne Petersen (ignyte)



This is the 30second Version of the Commercial: