Crystal glittering butterflies they emerge from a cell phone display and performing a dance. A woman appears in the Middle wearing butterfly wings. Her wings emerge out of the Display and become Diamonds.

This Project was Produced in Cooperation with IGNYTE and Velvet Mediendesign, where was responsible for the Butterfly Animation and Butterfly FX. The project was created in Maya and finished in May 2012.


Client: IGNYTE, Velvet Mediendesign
Director: Matthias Zentner (velvet)
Agency: HS Ad, Seoul
VFX-Supervisor: Leif Arne Petersen (ignyte)



This is the 30second Version of the Commercial:

[toggle style="1" width="900"] [tgg_pane title="Making Of"] For the creation of the Butterflies in the first shot it was used a special setup based on fluid dynamics simulation which was baked on particle motion and then converted to motion paths for each butterfly objects. This workflow was chosen to give later an individual control on each butterfly. The Objects itself where constrained on the motion paths with the translation axis and additionally had several an invisible object for rotation constraints and blending. This was used to gibe a smooth start of the butterflies from the screen and avoid them popping around.
The butterfly animation itself was a baked animation with geometry caches. Those caches again were blended from starting position into fly cyclus.Below are some Videos giving an Impression of how the Effects where created.

Geo-cached animation used for Butterfly swarm

This Animation left was used to create the Butterfly Swarm. In the first shot the swarm motion is a cached fluid dynamics simulation converted into motion paths capable to modify every single butterfly motion individually.

[/grid5] [/tgg_pane] [tgg_pane title="Butterfly Effect Full Length (Video)"]

Butterfly Effect - full Lenght from Felix Schaller on Vimeo.

[/tgg_pane] [tgg_pane title="Making of Butterfly Effect (Video)"]

Making Of Butterfly Effect for LG Optimus from Felix Schaller on Vimeo