Gumball Watterson a 12 year old guy living with his family in a town called Elmore. The animated TV series playing about the school day of Gumball and his adventures. You would maybe now think this sounds like "The Simpsons". Although the idea has some parallels it comes with much more wicked images, jokes and storytelling. Gumball is a cat, his father is a pink rabbit and his brother a pet fish. The rest of the town isn't less exceptionally. living bananas, toasts, paper man or dinosaurs. Watching this you would rather think it's an overexposed "Clever&Smart" adaptation than another Simpsons.



Tv Series Homepage Credits
Produced by: Turner Broadcasting
Story by: Ben Boquelet
Director: Mic Graves
Production Studio: Studio Soi

Work Contribution

The 3D Characters of The award winning animated Series on cartoon network were refurbished for the second season episodes. contributed works on character's textures and sculpting work in cooperation with studio Soi.