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We had the honor being invited at the 8th Rheiner Windenergie Forum  and to be featured as the introducing speaker opening the congress. it was so far a very refreshing conference with a lot of good response to our work with the aeroflexible surface. We also enjoyed the presentation of the other speakers which gave us a lot of new and interesting insights. The Conference was organized by Kötter Consulting

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As a nominee in the category Aviation of the GreenTec Award we were invited on the award ceremony. In the past this award was celebrated under the name "Clean Tech Media Award" but this year it was the first time they held the award competition under the name "GreenTec Award". In our category we were accompanied by e-Volo an innovative electric helicopter and AIRBUS. The e-Volo company made a great effort giving a dominant impression at the ceremony by attaching their vehicle over the audience's heads hanging from the ceiling. In advent of the award there was a little rumor in advance about a very innovative Nuclear reactor who can burn nuclear waste and who was accidentally nominated for an award. But then quickly the reactor disappeared and was replaced by little windmills they were integrated inside roof tiles.

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We had the honor being invited at the 4th Vanguard Science Congress in Mexico City. There we had the great opportunity to talk about the Aeroflexible Technology and the performed studies. The congress lasted almost two weeks with many international speakers and workshops. Originally we were recommended by also invited speakers of they got noticed about our interesting approaches solving CFD with fractal Algorithms.

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