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We had the honor being invited at the 4th Vanguard Science Congress in Mexico City. There we had the great opportunity to talk about the Aeroflexible Technology and the performed studies. The congress lasted almost two weeks with many international speakers and workshops. Originally we were recommended by also invited speakers of they got noticed about our interesting approaches solving CFD with fractal Algorithms.

The conference was organized by the WARP Project and his chairman Heinz Dietrich, It's an international comitee of the Center of Transition Science (CTS) and was hosted by the University of Mexico. Our presentation was part of the cathegory "Advanced Epistemology, Ecology and Promotion of Science" on May 30th.

More information about the full conference Program can be found here.

Further Details on our presentation will be coming out in the book about "the Proceedings of the 4th Vanguard Science Congress". This posting will be updated here as soon as it is available.

Yet another presentation was already published in the last book:book

  • "Cyberspace and the Quest of Materialistic Epistemology of Liberation - Proceedings of the 3rd Vanguard Science Congress", Various Authors, Aktiv Verlag, Apr 2013, ISBN 3-932-210-12-9

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