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Now in their June 2013 issue the professional journal Modell-Aviator was publishing an article which we submitted to them and comprised about 6 pages long. In that article we were talking about the ideas behind the aeroflexible feature and our performed Studies. This Article is currently the best Literature to get a brief and comprehensive overview about the Concept and the idea behind.

The editorial department was very impressed about the innovative content. Dedicating his editorial in tribute the Article:

"Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people's thinking." Steve Jobs should have said that once. By its nature to think outside the box, he led the company Apple to world-class in the computer industry . He focused view of the innovative technological applications and therefore created our everyday life [...] To change the perspective and to break out of the familiar, that's what also Felix Schaller feels obliged. For his work and reflections on Bionic Wing Construction he received the Querdenker Award in November 2012 in the category inventor. The award is presented each year by the Querdenker Foundation that put's the creative potential of the person at the center  Felix Schaller impressed with an idea that transfers the aerodynamic concepts of nature in modern aviation, the essence is about an ancient theme: Performance efficiency. What hides behind his concept and how the future of aviation will look like, about that is  writing our author exclusively in this issue of MODEL AVIATOR.
Mario Bicher, editor in chief, June/13 Issue

Aditionally they promoted the Airplane design. Discussing about how Airplanes will Look tomorrow in an online Issue of the Magazine: link to article


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