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Imagine you could get in your car, drive to the next general aviation airport around your corner transform your car into a plane just by pressing a button and take off like James Bond. What about Cars that could fly tomorrow like in James Bond Movies? An ambitioned Dream of Mankind one Day might be reality. The Team of KLK and SEB-Engineering is working hard on it since 2003. was responsible to do the visualization work for an 3D animated image movie in 2005. Addendum: Unfortunaltely this project was way ahead compared to other fly car projects which now ten years later slowly come up finding their investors to be developed to a real market product. The Flyke Aerocar seemed at that time too early for getting the chance of realisation. As it is with many innovations, they have to hit the public at the right zeitgeist.


This is the video explaining the functionalities and the transformation from Car to Plane.