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What about if planes in the near future fly efficiently like birds. has reviewed the physics of flight resulting in the idea that surfaces coping with the dynamic matter of fluids, which leads to a highly interactive result. Those correlation in the fluid dynamics effects recommends the solution that surfaces or bodies coping with dynamic matter should be better designed not rigid to reach a most effective solution. 
This affects features like lift, stall, turbulences and drag. They are all a reason of an optimal aerodynamic shape, which surprisingly the physics of fluids want to determine by themselves. Resulting in a solution which is pretty much that what nature applies since millions of years. A surface which is assembled by multiple surface elements, layered together and with the Ability to move independently from each other. Those feather like element covering the surface enable the shape to morph in any desired shape needed to achieve the best fluid dynamics condition.

Someone might be overwhelmed by the Goliath task to work yourself through the Context of more than 100 years research Material. But instead putting myself on the current knowledge dogma i developed my own ideas from scratch by using Newtons Laws and then compare it with the results of given Aerodynamic models. Surprisingly the results where well matching, And at least could give the same or even better correlation to the effects than the given models.
Felix Schaller, CEO

Award Winning Solution

The concept yet has convinced multiple independent juries which honored the Idea with numerous Awards and Nominations:

  • querdenker awardQuerdenker Award 2012: in November 2012 we convinced the Jury about it's innovative Potential leading to an more environmental and more efficient Solution for the future of Aviation and aeronautic mobility. The Jury was represented by multiple experts in the area of aerodynamics and physics.
  • Greentec AwardGreentec Award 2013: Europe's biggest Award on eco friendly technologies. Celebrated in August 30th, we got nominated for the award as one of 3 last Competition contributions eligible for the award trophy. Further a Film team was visiting us portraying our work for our Nominee representation.

Bionic technology

Working with fluid dynamic solutions for various projects we occupy us a lot with the matter of a proper description of the physical backgrounds and developing concepts of more efficient concepts describing the correlations behind. Finally we saw that the origin of turbulent Solutions is strongly related on interaction inside Matter and their final solution in numeric calculations. Additionally when working in the field of simulating realistic effects, good observation skills and profound research in nature's resources play a major role in the deeper understanding of the correlations happening. Thus you have to look very close, because most of these features happen within milliseconds. Such is with the birds feathers which show relevant behaviors only visible with high speed cameras and due often are surpassing human perception. Especially when the airflow around a wing becomes instationary the feathers in these parts become very active. This dynamic ability of a birds feather coating reshaping its surface and controlling the airflow enables them to achieve flight maneuvers which are in the envy of any fighter pilot.



the following video demonstrates the proof of concept and kea features summarized in 4:00 minutes length to have a brief overview of the topic.


Multible technical Benifits

adaptive featuresMaking surfaces adaptive offers a lot of advancements in the operation of an fluid dynamic environment. Hard nuts like turbulence, yet difficult to read, become an open book where a lot of hidden Energy resources can be opened up and used in a much better efficiently.

  • Highly Drag reducing. The adaptable feature always offers the most suitable airfoil profile shape for the current condition based on speed or angle of attack.
  • Regulating Turbulence. Turbulence is a big issue in many aerodynamic aspects affecting drag or stall. Now turbulence can be moderated and local reverse flows suppressed to avoid pressure collapse, stall or turbulent drag
  • Increasing safety. Stall on airplane wings is a huge issue when it comes to safety. Weather in slow-speed flights as well in rapid maneuvers or difficult winds conditions.
  • Landing maneuvers made easy. Currently aeronautic traffic is related on good infrastructures and huge airports which are not always in the courtesy of the surrounded residents. Making it easy to start and land almost everywhere would bring individual aeronautic traffic in feasible distances. huge traffic knots are past.
  • Wing deformations made Easy. The modular assembled constructions makes it possible not only morphing the airfoil but the entire wing shape interactively. A desire useful for many applications such as manned ornitocopters.
  • Superiority in air combat. even the most advanced fighter jet of today will loose getting into a fight with a guided missile without decoy flares. But equipped with more agile wings, lanes could escape in quick turns beating the rockets action radius.

aeroflexible windmill

Key technology in mobility of the Future

Although the most advanced role the adaptable feature plays in the function creating effective lift on airplane wings. This technology has a vast variety of different use at bodies and surfaces in the context of fluid dynamics. Wherever interaction of fluids with surfaces happen this technology will advance the technological efficiency. The following Examples are just an excerpt of the possible applications.


Video Portrait by Greentec Awards

As nominee of the Greentec Awards 2013 Felix Schaller was portraited in his daily work in the office. The video became part of the Nominee trailer and was presented on the Gala. Further details about the Event can be found in our Blog-Area.

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micro turbulencesHow does it work?

when developing new Solutions sometimes you have to leave established ways of thinking if new scientific findings would recommend in straightforward conclusions. Even today there are a lot of question marks in the current flight theories which keep many areas mysterious. The answer why planes fly is yet classified unclear among experts and still heavily debated. The major conflicts for developing a comprehensive theory which covers all the effects are roughly:

  • Current analytical theories do not describe many effects observed in aerodynamics such as turbulence or stall
  • Stationary flow is declared to be the most energy efficient state of the fluid. Though there are animals who can achieve higher efficiency with a rough surface.
  • Numeric simulation methods are capable to simulate fluid dynamic behavior and lift correctly. But there is no mathematical theory to understand nonlinear numeric solutions with analytical methods.
  • Numeric solutions even today are hard nuts still heavily consuming render power.

While others struggling with established analytical theories of lift, some authors in the past ten years expressed the Idea to describe lift with Newtons laws. Among those are authors like Prof Weltner from the University of Frankfurt [8] and David Anderson and Scott Eberhard Authors of the Book "Understanding Flight" [3]. Inspired by their attempt we developed our Ideas in enhancing those Ideas especially in the area of instationary flow. Where finally the reasons are located laying out the benefit of adaptive surfaces


Comparing studies have been made with two Wing segments equal in its dimenstion and profile. One with adaptive feature, the other none. Measured in a small Wind Tunnel, finally a Lilienthal polar diagram was made showing the different lift and drag behaviour at different angles - with interesting Results. The Results where published in our Blog-Area:

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Further Information Material and References

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