When we approaching the organizing Team of the AERO expo last year they were instantly hooked by that idea of the Aeroflexible Aerodynamics. Finally as an valuable consideration instead for a speaker fee they offered me a place for a booth. A offer you can't decline. So this year in April form 24th to 27th we were represented with a small Booth and also holding presentations on two Days during the fair. Lots of interesting contacts have been made.

In continuation of the Hannover Messe booth representation we continued our expo program on the AERO expo addressing with our ideas to the more specialized clients in particular Aeronautics. Some contacts which have been made already at the Hannover Messe announced to be at the AERO again. So we took the chance to met some people from the Niedersachsen Aviation Innovation Center at their booth again.
On Thursday the 25th April they announced a network meeting and get together where there was a chance to meet some other airplane manufacturing Companies and Suppliers. On Wednesday 24th and Thursday 26th Felix Schaller was presenting his ideas about adaptive profiles and their physical background in fluid dynamics.
The following video is the presentation in full length including Q&A of the Friday presentation.


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