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This year we were exhibiting with something out of the box of any other surrounding exhibitor. It is a new technological development operating in an aerodynamic context and applying a feature no one ever did before: passively self shaping Aerodynamic Bodies who are able to adapt individually on the current aerodynamic condition. This bionically inspired idea is adapting a solution which is also common for birds, especially on their Wings. But yet this feature was rather neglected in it's physically importance for fluid dynamics.

Download the PDF Brochure to get more information:

Brief description:

The idea was born early 2010 when our CEO and project founder Felix Schaller was captivated observing upcoming wing suit base jumping sport. He asked himself how can they get such a good flying ability with such bad aerodynamics. This led him to the Point occupying himself with aerodynamics. Aerodynamics for most people is hard stuff. This is also because there are a lot of Question marks in the current flight Theories:

  • Till today nobody really knows why a plane flies.
  • There are many analytical theories trying to approach the Questions
  • Numeric simulation methods can calculate it correctly, but there is no mathematical theory to understand it analytically.

Someone might be overwhelmed by the Goliath task to work yourself through the Context of more than 100 years research Material. But instead putting myself on the current knowledge dogma i developed my own ideas from scratch by using Newtons Laws and then compare it with the results of given Aerodynamic models. Surprisingly the results where well matching, and even could give a better correlation to the effects than the given models.
Felix Schaller, CEO

More about the physical backgrounds can be found in the project description:

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After he applied for an international patent (published under: WO2012075990A3) he made successful tests with model Airplanes as shown in the Video of the Project description above. He first applied to the AERO Expo as Speaker where the coordination Team was very delighted about that idea. And finally for the Hannover Messe.

Luckily the Bundesamt für Wirtschaft (BAFA) granted our Application to support the Fair presentation of the Hannover Messe. After a huge Effort creating materials for the Booth decoration such as: A Wind Tunnel, Posters, Flyers, Rollups and a Video we were heading to the Hannover Messe presenting our work.

The Booth was luckily at a very good position in the middle of the Hall 27 crossing. So all the main traffic was passing by.  The response was great. We got help by a charming Hostess which was also a lucky strike and a very professional assistance. On the technological level only a few people raised some objection. But after a profound dialog almost everybodies concerns could be solved. This experience really stunned us. We where prepared for huge rejection.
We also got many compliments and best wished from the visitors for that work. The most remarkable was, that many saw a huge step in technological advance in this project, besides expressing their indirect critics to the market convention mostly establishing existing technology or making just gradual improvements of existing technologies. 

Finally many Flyers were given away (at about 1500 pieces) and lots of interesting contacts collected. With a good self esteem we focus on the next Fair, The AERO Expo 2013 coming on April 24th-27th.

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